Currently, the Allergy Section of AHLTA does not capture the 3 types of Adverse Drug Experiences (ADE) experienced by our patients: Allergy, Drug Intolerance (or side effect), and Drug Ineffectiveness. Research performed by staff at WRAMC demonstrated poor documentation of side effects in the Allergy Section. This results in patients running the risk of reexposure to a drug that they had a serious but non-allergic side effect or to a drug that is ineffective. This new tool, the Drug-Event Tracker will 1)collect and document all ADE's and document this information in the medical record (the modified Allergy Section) and 2) if serious, report the event to the FDA via populating the FAERS report, and 3) collect these reports into a database to enable safety staff to report to leadership the frequency of ADEs in the MHS population. Besides being a direct part of AHLTA, this tool will also receive input from CHCS at the drug discontinuation module. This module, currently poorly used but with minor modification, has the capability to document why a provider is discontinuing a drug: Seven choices need to be added and include Allergy, Drug Side Effect, Drug Ineffective, Completed Treatment, Patient Declined Intervention, Dose Change, Other. This information will communicate among a team of provides why a patient was removed from their medication and, feeding into the Allergy Section of AHLTA, will prevent reexposure, both a cost and safety issue.

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