Community Based Medical Homes

To achieve the quadruple aim we must wrap our arms around our beneficiaries within a system focused on achieving our strategic goals. To be most successful we need to control the initial point of access -- primary care services -- for as many beneficiaries as possible. Building primary care capacity on a military installation is challenging. Most MTFs are space constrained and new facility construction is beyond reach for many already and becoming more difficult as budgets shrink. Then there’s the fact that most of our beneficiaries don’t live on a military installation and travel to an installation is often inconvenient. The solution is Community-Based Medical Homes. Community Based Medical Homes are military-run, primary care clinics located off-post in the communities where our military Families and retirees live. They leverage inexpensive commercial leased space to house military primary care services including laboratory and pharmacy. They aren’t mini-MTFs. They are efficient primary care platforms. But Community Based Medical Homes offer more than convenient location. At their heart is healthcare the way it should be – easy to access, patient-centered, team based, and quality focused. Those ideas and suggestions are embodied in the concept of the Patient Centered Medical Home which is the model of care used within the facility. The Army has piloted this idea with some growing pains but overall tremendous success.

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