Prescription Vending

“And then I had to spend an hour in the pharmacy . . . [insert and earful of frustration]“; how many times have you heard that in your own house? This innovation would place COTS prescription vending machines in military medical facilities to dispense high volume, standard dose medications and OTC items. Prescription vending would dramatically reduce the burden on MTF pharmacies and allow staff to focus on dispensing medications that warrant patient education, low volume or high risk medications. Vending machines could also be used to dispense refills. This innovation supports per capita cost by creating capacity for recapture from retail and potentially reduces the dispensing cost within the MTF. It supports experience of care by decreasing pharmacy wait times and improving patient satisfaction; pharmacy wait is a significant driver of overall satisfaction. Multiple COTS products are available. They could be integrated with AHLTA/CHCS or run as a standalone system during pilot.

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