CoRE - Challenge REadiness Application

This innovation targets the Quadruple Aim: Readiness, Population Health, Experience of Care and Per Capita Cost through the introduction of a mobile application that turns physical readiness into a competitive challenge amongst active duty military personnel, competing on teams through weekly challenges.

Following a fantasy football model, we turn the annual Physical Readiness Test (PRT) preparation into a competition. Similar to other successful competitive, social media accessible models like the Tough Mudder challenge, participants can team up, offer each other encouragement, and compete with other teams towards the passing their PRT. CoRE will utilize both an Android / iPhone-based application with the Nike Fuel band or other appropriate device.

This ‘gamification’ is one way in which we propose the collection of self-reported health information, which we believe will support the Readiness and Population Health goals of the Quadruple Aim. For our CoRE pilot, we propose a 1 year time frame with a three month competitive window for participants. During the pilot, analytics will be compiled on team participation, progress, noted injuries and medical care which we believe will offer a window for personal health care providers into the Experience of Care and Per Capita Cost.

MHS Sponsor: CDR Park / Naval Medical Center San Diego

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