Dual use technology: OR scheduling technology applied to Medical Home and Milcon

The Patient Centered Medical Home at Walter Reed is one the largest patient centered medical homes in the US military. The clinic is staffed by more than 60 healthcare providers from all branches of the military and is divided up into several teams of healthcare providers including a sick-call clinic, a small procedures clinic, sports medicine clinic and a large integrated health team that composed of a pharmacy team, behavioral health team, nutrition team, as well as mind body. Staffing and coordinating the use of the approximately 40 examining rooms can be challenging in this dynamic clinical environment. The surgery department has software available that is used to efficiently staff and coordinate the use of its busy operating room schedule with a program call S3 developed by USAMITC. This software allows the user to identify which rooms are in use and by whom. It further indicates the purpose and then length of time it is in use. S3 could be effectively utilized in several ways outside of the operating room environment. In the large clinics such as the one described above it could be utilized to coordinate shared examining room between the medical home teams. Further, it could be used to more effective capitalize on smart space for future medical MILCON projects. In clinics and hospitals where space is a commodity knowing what space is available can help make sure the clinics maximize utilization of limited resources and run more efficiently. This would be highly cost effective as the software is already developed and in use by all 3 services. A pilot version of his program could be run in the Patient Centered Medical Home at WRNMMC to assess effectiveness outside of the surgical environment over the next year at little to no cost pending approval by USAMITC (US Army Medical Information Technology Center),who owns the software.

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