A MedHome - Emergency Department Partnership

How does Medical Home know an enrolled patient was treated in the ED?
How often does the Medical Home have a copy of the Emergency Treatment Record (ETR) when the patient comes to the clinic for a follow-up appointment?

These are the questions that led Naval Hospital Pensacola to improve information sharing between the Emergency Department and the Medical Home Clinics.

What we did:

Created a report to alert Medical Home of enrolled patients that were treated in the ED Created a hyperlink for easy access to the ETR for each patient in the report Created a field in the report for ED providers to indicate follow up instructions for the Medical Home Created a quick link on the Medical Staff webpage to quickly and easily access any Emergency Treatment Record

Open the file attached (to the right of this page) to view screen shots of the report!

Success! Medical Home Teams pull the report each morning and review all patients treated in the ED. They contact the patient and follow up on any recommendations. With one click they have access to the Emergency Treatment Record. This is a win for Patient Centered Care!

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