Automate Medical Readiness

The Army's MEDical PROtection System (MEDPROS) was designed to keep the Force up-to-date and to track all essential deployment medical information. This includes immunizations, dental readiness, vision tests, and annual physical health assessments.

Currently, it falls upon a haphazard system of notification and monitoring whereby the unit will usually be told from higher echelon that certain members of their UIC are delinquent.

Through AKO, MEDPROS could be automated to automatically notify both the SM and the unit the SM is assigned reducing the manhours needed to compile and weekly check this data at each unit, compounded across the Army.

AKO tracks to which UIC a Soldier is assigned. AKO can also keep on file the Commander and 1SG of that UIC. MEDPROS would send each Soldier their Delinquent/30/60/90 notifications, plus compile a report for each UIC.

No more having a Soldier (usually out of their MOS) have to go through the entire roster each week. No more of Soldiers claiming they 'didn't know'.

The end result will increase readiness for little to no cost as the infrastructure is already in place.

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