Micro-dose Ketamine for Acute Post-operative Pain Mangement

Recent clinical evidence is mounting confirming the safety and efficacy of Micro-dose Ketamine infusion to manage post-operative pain in chronic pain patients who are notoriously difficult to achieve satisfactory pain control. Not only is pain management much improved, it is an improvement in Patient Safety by significantly decreasing narcotic requirements and the subsequent complications thereof. At the same time Micro-dose Ketamine infusion potentially decreases development of new or worsening pain syndromes. Ketamine has a long-standing safety profile and is an extremely inexpensive medication. Lastly, administration of Ketamine is simple, requires minimal nursing support nor laboratory monitoring. This advancement in clinical care will support ongoing Surigcal Care Improvment Project (SCIP) goals, and eventually become standard of care medical practice. We need to be at the cutting edge of pain managment in the Military Healthcare System and this will be an important step in achieving this goal. Implementation will be inexpensive as all the equiment need for administration of this medication exists already. Care provider education forms the majority of what is needed to make this a success.

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