Increased Utilization of the Special MEDCOM Response Capability-Medical Command, Control and Communications Team

The SMRC-MC3T has the mission to deploy in response to Civil Authorities (MSCA) during disaster, civil-military cooperative action, humanitarian, and emergency response to CBRNE incidents in the Continental United States, and US territories or possessions and Outside Continental United States but is seldom ordered to do so. The last time the SMRC-MC3T was deployed was in response to Hurricane Katrina. Perhaps this is due to a lack of awareness of their existence by nongovernmental-civilian and governmental agencies or a lack of understanding and confidence in its abilities. The SMRC-MC3T capabilities could greatly assist government and non governmental agencies in times of disaster and serious incidents in the areas of command, control and communications. SMRC-MC3T participation in governmental and nongovernmental disaster/serious incident response exercises would heighten awareness of this invaluable asset and promote requesting its capabilities in the future.

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