Telework: Utilizing Advanced Technology

As we move into a new area of telework and cost reduction measures it will be imperative to refine the way we telework. Current teleworkers admit they are quite productive at home yet sometimes lack the connectedness needed in a team environment. In order to increase connectedness, enhancing a team environment and innovation I recommend TMA leads the way and makes every effort to improve the telework environment. Utilizing upgraded technology such as Microsoft Lync allows the teleworker to improve work from home (lower cost to the government) yet with that added feel of working in a collaborative team environment. Telework is on the rise for a variety of reasons; cost, flexibility, traffic, parking, backup during natural disasters, etc. It can truly work to the benefit everyone, especially If we have an ability to easily reach someone via computer (visually and with audio) to allow for improved telecommuting. The aim is to have teleworkers and office staff have a seamless work enviornment and a connectedness like knocking on someones door only it is a virtual door.

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