DoD Health Challenge

o Members of the DoD are a competitive group by nature. The MHS has the ability to connect our competitiveness with the opportunity to enhance health coaching. This capability would, via the creation of a mobile application (iOS®/Android®) available to any DoD health consumer, track health status on a number of levels. The primary feature of the app is that it would scavenge data (fitness, diet, health status) from an existing fitness tool (FitBit™, Nike Fuel Band™, Motorola ACTV™) and marry it with a beneficiary’s health information from the DoD. Participants would be able to compete against other beneficiaries in multiple categories (steps walked, miles ran, flights climbed, calories burned, weight loss). This information is of primary use to the beneficiary in that it motivates a focus on health and it is of secondary benefit in that it becomes available to the participants primary care manger. During health visits the beneficiary and the PCM have the ability to review the data. The participant and the PCM stay connected via patient provider secure messaging and the personal health record which allows for on the fly modification to either the fitness or diet plan.

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