Military Maternity Concierge Service

The Military Maternity Concierge Service (MMCS) is a patient-centered informational service for obstetric (OB) patients and respective family members from the time of conception to the first year after birth. The MMCS will provide a central location of the vast maternal/child information and resources found in military and local civilian sector. Through manned information desk, pamphlets, computer kiosk, and telephone during working hours (website available 24 hours/day), information and resources will be distributed from one location. Patients and providers can both utilize this service to obtain the latest and most diverse information available.

The means of MMCS to accomplish this task is through extensive research of military and local resources, compiling of data and organizing this data in a concise and easy manner allowing the beneficiary to easily navigate this information. Researching of resources will be an ongoing process as new information and services continually arise. The MMCS, under no circumstance, will provide medical advice to any person while utilizing this service.

MMCS will support the military medicine process by augmenting continuity of care through consolidating Maternal/Child resources to one location. This new service may be especially welcomed by families and providers new to the area, with a deployed spouse or just new to military medicine in general. An additional benefit of the MMCS is that medical and nursing staff will no longer spend precious time researching patient resources.

The lifestyle of a military person or family is filled with many changes. Medical providers, Active Duty members and beneficiaries are continuously transitioning in the military, new to both facility and place of residence, leaving both provider and beneficiary uninformed of useful resources available. The obstetric beneficiary, while adapting to this lifestyle in particular, is also facing the many challenges during her precious, exciting and overwhelming time. These challenges and changes result in an overwhelming need for one centralized location of information and resources.

The overall purpose of this service is to eliminate inconsistent dissemination of information, reduce patient frustration, increase patient satisfaction, and centralize all military and local civilian resources offered to this obstetric population. This elegant and sophisticated service will be at no-cost to the beneficiary. MMCS benefits the beneficiary, their support person and medical staff.

The pilot study for this service would greatly benefit from a larger MTF such as Naval Medical Center-San Diego, where the proposal is currently under review, for greatest data resource. One pilot study lasting approximately nine months would be sufficient for data collection on patient satisfaction and recapturing of OB patients. The start-up costs for this program would include location of concierge area, office equipment (desk, phone, computers, etc.), elegantly appointed styling (décor, pamphlets, overall image), and personnel to start the service (greatest impact) and maintain service (minimal impact).

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