Fleet and Marine Corps Mobile Health Risk Assessment App - NMCPHC

The Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) seeks to launch an innovative mobile app for the current annual Fleet and Marine Corps Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and the Wounded Ill and Injured Health Risk Assessment (WIIHRA). This tool is currently a web-based, anonymous assessment of leading health indicators that produces both individualized Participant Reports as well as group Commanding Officer Reports. There are 22 questions that cover 10 categories of health. A personalized report is generated, based on health risks reported by participants. Reports include feedback, links to credible websites that provide detailed information on each topic, and a score that is based on the number of reported risk factors. A greater number of risk factors have been associated with an increased likelihood of future health care costs. The WIIHRA web tool is scheduled to launch in the near future. Given the sharp increase in smart device usage and shifting preference towards these devices as primary digital information sources, a mobile application for the HRA/WIIHRA embraces the forward-thinking principal of technological innovation. The Mobile HRA/WIIHRA App would substantially increase the accessibility of this tool to Service members thereby improving survey participation rates and HRA/WIIHRA data coverage.

The NMCPHC can feasibly develop and deploy this app while ensuring cost-effectiveness, ease of implementation, and maximum scalability. The HRA/WIIHRA is a dynamic tool that could easily be modified to meet data collection needs across the Services, making it a potential Tri-Service application. There are currently two versions of the proof-of-concept HRA Android app that have been developed to ensure product feasibility. High organizational buy-in is anticipated given that the HRA/WIIHRA are currently tied-in with the annual PHA and Service member demographics match those of smart device high-adopters. Together these synergies promote cost efficiency, facilitate smooth implementation, and enhance overall scalability of the HRA/WIIHRA Mobile App.

When used properly, the Mobile HRA/WIIHRA App can heighten awareness about key health issues, identify those specific issues that pertain to the individual, provide credible sources of health information, empower individuals to better manage their personal health, and serve as a tool for dialogue with a health care provider. Analysis of data gathered by HRA/WIIHRA website tools and mobile apps can provide mission critical insights into the present state of Service members' health status and current public health risks. These insights provide invaluable information for policy development to ensure the quadruple aims of the MHS: (1) ensure force readiness through health optimization, prevention and wellness efforts, (2) maximize cost efficiency by tailoring health care plans and interventions that can reduce the burden of disease across Services, (3) improve beneficiary care experiences by empowering patients through the delivery of credible health promotion and wellness resources, (4) and promote overall population health by leveraging the insights gained from broadly collected, stream-lined, and high-quality public health data.

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