Military Standardized Children Health Examination

Every year thousands of military dependent switch school. The sponsor not only has to deal with finding housing but then they have to begin dealing with schools for their dependents. Most states require a physical examination for school/daycare/sports attendance. Each state has their own form. Parents that have the wherewith all think to get these exams and forms completed prior to their PCS move. Many however do not. Many children get yearly physicals and then when they move need another one to get into school/sports/daycare. If we had a stnadardize form that could be given to all families to use when they PCS this could help alleviate some of the stress when they get to their new duty station. This form could be used as the standard form for all military CYS programs and CDCs as well thus simplifying things for our military families. Also if this form would be adopted by the Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission (which 43 states belong to) it would again help all our dependendents who switch programs so often throughout their lives. This would also cut cost as many children have duplicate exams as the duty station they leave and the duty station they arrive at just to have a form completed. This is easily implemented across all commands but could be started at commands that have high turn over in a short period of time (training commands). This form would be both cost effective and time saving if implemented. If this is combined with all facilities giving vaccines by CDC standards at the earliest possible time, rather then following individual state guidelines, our families would have a much easier transition from one duty station to the next.

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