Access-Compassion-Excellence for Patient Centered Medical Home (ACE for PCMH)


Patient Centered Medical Home focuses on personalized care and continuity achieving value-added patient encounters. Traditional clinic appointment template allows 15-20 minutes per encounter. Recurrent patient complaints included: an inability to address multiple medical issues in a single visit, feeling rushed during visits, and frustration having to recount care history to multiple team members. Medical staff concerns consisted of: scheduled appointment times consumed by patient arrival delays, patient intake form completion and medical technician initial assessment, leaving less than 10 minutes for the provider to render care. Additionally, there is insufficient time to conduct pro-active reviews of patient information and action lists, as well as “information overload” from multiple health care sources (e.g., CAREPOINT, HEDIS, SDA, SG EGL, MiCARE, ASIMS, etc.). The ideal primary care appointment has sufficient time to address acute care issues, disease management, disease prevention and patient education. Maximizing support staff skill sets and face-to-face time with the provider will translate into improved patient outcome metrics and staff satisfaction.

Our proposal includes:

• Create a comprehensive PCMH tool-kit that is applicable to DoD and VA settings • Modify the traditional appoint to a “team appointment” lasting 40 minutes. This innovative primary care appointment template maximizes technician support and is low cost and sustainable. • Expand medical technician/LPN capability focused on assessment skills, data collection and analysis, population health management, and EMR documentation • Determine ways to lessen non-PCMH tasks and duties for support staff • A functioning wireless EMR is the goal for portable and flexible computer access. • Multi-function kiosk check-in stations • Optimize secure messaging to include appointing, provider messages, patient education, etc..

Expected Benefits:

Expected benefits include increased clinic efficiency, improved patient outcomes, patient and staff satisfaction with the ultimate goal of assisting in the transformation from health care to health.

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