Pharmacy Kiosk Changes Healthcare: Outpatient (Ambulatory) Pharmacy; a Kiosk Innovation to Optimize Dispensing Performance

Patient healthcare outcomes are pivotal on medication adherence and kiosks are changing the footprint of healthcare by providing much needed pharmacy innovation. Gone are the days of waiting in line, taking a number and sitting idle waiting for a medication to be filled. The Pharmacy Kiosk innovation reengineers the patient's pharmacy experience, improving medication compliance and health outcomes by automating pharmacy queuing, and giving the patient the ability to perform medication activation, reconciliation and activate alert notification. The Pharmacy Kiosk innovation will bridge the gap between patients, pharmacists and medical providers, improving patient satisfaction, and aid patient navigation of the healthcare system thereby preventing the onset and progression of diseases and reducing complications. This innovation will lead to a reduction in medication abandonment, medication non-compliance, preventable disease regression and avoidable negative healthcare outcomes. ***Coming Soon: The next step in patient kiosk check-in the Pharmacy Kiosk module

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