StorkTracker: A mobile application of the goal-oriented guide to prenatal care

WINNER: MHS Innovation Award

Throughout the Military Health System, pregnant mothers are issued a spiral-bound guide that provides week by week information about pregnancy, preventive health messages, appointment information, and space to record their experiences throughout their pregnancy. When used accordingly, the guide is an effective tool for motivating patients to participate in their own healthcare and achieve care goals. However, when the book is left at home or even in the clinic, its value is lost. By developing a mobile application (app) from the current publication, the MHS can leverage the efforts which created the guide while increasing patient and provider use.

The StorkTracker app gives patients evidence-based, goal-oriented information in a convenient, easy to use format. The app provides pregnant moms all the information from the paper-based prenatal care guide but in a clear, organized system, available on their mobile device. The StorkTracker app enables patients to record health information collected at each prenatal visit and track their health through the pregnancy (weight, fetal heart rate, etc.).

The electronic format also allows MHS to “push” emerging and/or seasonally specific health messages to pregnant women, such as announcing the availability of flu shots.

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