Occupational Health Employee Database

Running a successful health care operation requires collecting incredible amounts of data, a task that the military is very good at. However, collecting data is of little benefit if it is not converted into information that is easily accessible to decision-makers at all levels of the organization. Nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of public health.

Due to the proliferation of service-specific health data collection systems it is very difficult for Public Health personnel in the Military Health System at local levels to obtain comprehensive data which can be turned into information on which to base public health decisions.

This proposal presents a small database which has proven itself in over six years of use in an Occupational Health clinic at a large military medical facility to track membership and compliance in medical surveillance programs for both active duty and civilian employees. It requires further development to meet its potential. Due to the current level of development, a pilot project can be done very inexpensively and with minimal personnel support.

More importantly, development of the multi-service, multi-input, customizable aspects of this small-scale project can serve as the basis for the development of a comprehensive armed forced public health information system. Such a system could prove invaluable to the Military Health System in the future.

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