Notes From Patient in MHS Electronic Health Record via Tricare Online

As-is, the patient has no way of adding information to his or her MHS electronic health record. The patient's experience of care could be improved and health care costs could be reduced by giving the patient the ability to enter information into their own medical record. This could be done via a new feature on Tricare Online that provides a text area that writes a note from the patient into the MHS AHLTA system’s CDR database. Information entered by the patient in this way would then be available through AHLTA to DoD health care providers in the future.

Tricare Online is a web application that the MHS patient population can log into as-is today using their CAC, DS Logon, or DFAS MyPay credentials. It currently allows the patients to view their MHS electronic health record data via the Blue Button. The text area would be added to the site in such a way that it is convenient for the patient to enter additional information into their electronic medical record.

This capability would allow for patients to report back into their medical record things like, "The Flagyl prescription made me feel sick, so I quit taking it."

Notes like this further MHS objectives such as:

  • The patient's experience of care improves because quality of care improves

  • The patient's experience of care improves because future DoD (and potentially VA and other) providers who access the patient's MHS electronic medical record from the CDR and see the patient entered notes can make better decisions In the example above, a doctor who saw this patient's feedback from a previous encounter would choose a different antibiotic, but without the Tricare Online feedback mechanism to the MHS electronic health record, the patient would be unlikely to remember which previous prescription made them sick

  • The patient's experience of care improves because the patient can enter data given to the patient by commercial healthcare organizations and other non-DoD healthcare providers, thus giving DoD providers access to that data and allowing them to make more informed decisions

  • The patient's experience of care improves because patients in the internet age will appreciate the ability to provide input into their own medical record

  • Costs are reduced because if the patient adds recent lab results from other providers, duplicative lab work can be prevented

  • Costs are reduced because unneccessary additional care will be reduced by elimination of mistakes that can be avoided given the additional information from the patient

I am not a government employee, but CAPT Judith Bellas has kindly agreed to sponsor this submission.

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