Positive Health Points

I believe that preventive care is the best way to soldier redness. I think that there should be health points to soldier’s promotions. I.E. set a soldier to manage health like he or she does with promotions and at milestones a soldier gets points to his or her promotion packet. I believe that soldiers thrive on balance and discipline. The APFT should be but one part of soldiers overall health points. The reduction in injuries alone would be very credible to such a program.

APFT Health Educations Diet Physical flexibility and agility Mental Health Family

These points should build as a soldier has years of service and as soldier advances they become a health advocate and mentor to the solders he or she serves with and commands. Moreover, this gives control to a solder the management of his or her health and in the long run a motivator to healthful living. Furthermore, there will be marked reduction in cost for active duty healthcare as well as in the VA system. Over the long run this would be used to show the value of preventive care and healthful living.
This system would take much review and would require a team of gifted individuals and member throughout the ranks as well and healthcare providers of the many health backgrounds. The goal should be to set a comprehensive standards and health points that solders can meet throughout their military service.
I have a public health background and 13 years of service in the Army and see truly see the need for this. Soldiers often do not think about their health and only after they leave the service do see find out the many years of neglect has left them broken and this is a burden to our VA health system. Action should be taken to fix a broken system.
Lets bring a total health vision to the military. Lets change to a better way of doing health care and be proactive in how soldiers see and access that care.
This will save lives, money and bring about a better fighting force. As we move to a smaller military this is a must.

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