Fit by Design-Fit Force and Fit Families

Military Bases need non-motorized transport routes for Work commutes and activities of daily living. Service members and Families should not need a car on base they should be able to walk (1-2 mile range from housing) or bike (7+ mile range frome housing) to all necessary activities-Work, Commissary, Exchange, Post Office. Young Service members should not require cars for military duty and neither should young service members with families who live on base. Creating Military communities that foster and almost demand (take close parking for cars away and create bike racks and assigned lanes and paths for walkers and cyclists) independence from automobiles will gain benifits not only in fitness but also resilience while members are deployed. Military bases are often 15mph-25mph speed limits so auto and bike safety is already very good on base. For young service members the purchase of a bike and trailer or cargo bike can be done easily under 300$ total where as an automobile sets service members back 300-500$ per month.

Basic training may incorporate or even issue bikes as uniform as a pilot program measuring sustained fitness and financial fitness over a 2 yr period.

1) a Fit force by design -2 walks or bike rides a day will increase fitness and de stress the force and decease obesity through out the community -refer to current study- 2) Families will be more fit as well and more resilient and financially less burdened (insurance, car payments, gas, up keep) 3)Yes it requires buy in but can be phased in with base infrastructure updates. This is a long term critical component of the military health and fitness and resilience solution. 4) Fit by Design is completely scalable to particular commands and communities 5) Fit by Design is Tri service applicable.

For community and city level projects and results refer to some public stories available on the internet. and

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