QR Code Adoption

Information is power. Improving the exchange of information between patients and providers continues to be a goal of Military Health System and this submission provides a cost effective, easily adoptable and versatile strategy that can be used today by the entire MHS.
Throughout the MHS there are numerous online informational outlets for patients to access. There are online patient surveys, Tricare information, Relay Health, health promotions and numerous others that can be, quite frankly, not the most user friendly to navigate. Use of Quick Response (QR) codes can easily direct a patient directly to a specific online resource without needing to enter a cumbersome web address. The creation of QR codes is easily done via a number of online sites for FREE. QR codes can be used on posters, business cards, in an email, basically anything can have a QR code. You’ve probably seen some pretty creative uses for QR codes by advertising firms selling just about everything.
A large number of the population already owns some type of smart phone or tablet that has or can easily get a QR code scanner app for free. Our patient population is already familiar with and using this technology so we don’t need to convince them to start using it. They have already bought in to the process. We just need to capitalize on this opportunity. The Naval Branch Health Clinic at Naval Air Station, Meridian, MS had implemented QR codes to direct patients to specific patient satisfaction surveys throughout the clinic. There was no marketing blitz, no hard sell for the QR codes. They were simply but on patient satisfaction forms and placed around the clinic. Results have been impressive to say the least. The response rate during the first six months was an increase of over 1000%. The strategy was shared with other clinics and similar results are being seen there too.

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