Readiness Dashboard

What is one thing almost all service members do on a daily basis? Log into a computer. A lot of today’s work is done at a computer; this is essentially their life space for the majority of their day. I propose a small windows application that would be loaded on to administrative computers DOD-wide. It would basically be a background process much like the anti-virus installed on all DOD computers. All DOD computers connected to a network have to have CAC log-ins; this uniquely identifies the individual at that computer. All the information about their readiness is stored in different databases, for the Navy and Marine Corps it is in MRRS and for the Army it is in MEDPROS. After an individual logs in to their computer the application will query the database for their readiness information and display a 'dashboard' screen indicating their readiness status. It can be set for warnings when things are going to expire in the next 30 days to help members remember to schedule their appointments to maintain their readiness. It can check their dental exam, HIV, immunizations, PHA and other items. This can be expanded many different ways. All the information for their primary care manager and their dental clinic is maintained (at least in the Navy and Marine Corps) in DEERS and other databases. It can have a 'schedule an appointment' button that will initially just give them their local MTF's information for them to call and make the appointment. This can also be expanded later to make an appointment electronically. It can be further expanded to include pertinent health information relating to preventative programs like anti-tobacco or obesity. This would also be useful during a pandemic flu outbreak because it can get the message directly to the member within their workspace upon logging in to any DoD computer. I envision a centralized medical information clearing house that is presented to service members at least once a day, making (at least for that moment) their readiness their immediate concern. I think the idea would be relatively easy to implement and no new databases would need to be created or maintained. Our metrics to measure success would be to see if readiness went up at units where this program was initially piloted. The possibilities for this program, once we lay the groundwork for it are endless. It has the potential to become one of those 'why haven't we always had this' ideas. Attached is a very rudimentary picture I made of the various stages of alert. I've updated it with a future vision of the dashboard. I understand that the Navy is trying to move towards the 'medical homeport' model of care. I don't know about the other services however I believe that this application can integrate with their web portals if they offer the same service. No appointment making will actually be done through the program but it should be able to link to a medical homeport enabled web portal for that specific MTF. The same applies to the contact your provider button. If you are from a service other than the Navy and have examples of how this could integrate into your system please post a reply so we can collaborate.

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