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Community Strategy Document innovation

Have any of you on this forum used the National Prevention Strategy document as a model for writing a local installation or county coalition? I have brought out the idea with our own local health promotion council and county tobacco coalition. I'd like to start a discussion on it. Has anyone done this, worked on this, or worked on the wording of the National Strategy documnent in 2011? Thanks Dave R.

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    Wellness Weavers is willing to be a wellness resource link in the community. Certainly it makes great sense to partner with the VA to help Vets receive Chronic Condition Self-Management classes, and other health promotion information and services with online connections to support groups within their home communities.

    We are creating a network of qualified drama therapists, horticulture therapists, art therapist, recreation therapists, bodywork therapists, energy healers, and behavioral health therapists.

    Exercise is MedicineTM, "Food is Medicine" and "Healthy Fun is Medicine" are integral to the fabric of our philosophy and programs.

    Our database system, once developed, will allow Vets who are also enrolled in My Healthy Vet, the chance to volunteer their services within their communities in exchange for "Health Bucks".

    We are certainly willing to dialogue about the use of the Strategic Plan but we really just want to be part of the change. This talk has been going on for years with "Healthy People" Initiatives. We must become the change to create a culture that supports healthy choices by making them readily available.

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